We know North Cornwall is special...

.... but why is it to you?

Do you live here?
Do you visit here?
Were you born here or are you an addition, an adopted 'local'?

North Cornwall feels like, and is like nowhere else (and I say this as an addition, an incomer, who has lived all over the world in some amazing and beautiful places)

There is a feel to it, something about the light, the air, that makes it stand out.

I would love to know about your favorite places, your favorite villages, places to walk, places to explore, places to escape to.

What makes you feel passionate about North Cornwall:? Be creative, be personal! I'd really love to know, and to share.

For me it is Rough Tor, Tregardock Cliffs, Boscastle harbour and the Valency Valley. It is the people who have time to talk, the nod and salute when you pass another car on a narrow lane.  It's the weather, the wind and the rain. It's those wonderful winter days alone on a beach.